News Update

We would like to welcome our new councillor, Cllr Tony Bayliss, and look forward to working with him. This still leaves us three councillors short of our allotted nine. There must be someone out there who can volunteer a few hours per month to help improve the lot of local residents. Certainly Covid, as with everyone else, has greatly affected what we can or can’t do and you would be joining at a difficult time. All the information you need can be found elsewhere on this site.

We also regret losing our clerk, Jill Samuels. She brought a great deal of skill and knowledge to the council and she will be missed. Parish Clerks are salaried positions and if you think you could handle the post, see below for an application form. Or contact us for more details.

We can announce there will be no rise in the precept. It will mean keeping a tight rein on expenditure especially in light of the predicted price hikes forecast by government and commerce bodies. We will do our best to cope.

Elsewhere there is the current list of activities at the Memorial Hall. You will notice we have plenty of availability during the day time for anyone to set up and run any form of activity. The hall is an excellent venue with top class facilities and it’s a bit of a waste when it’s standing empty. Please get in touch if you have the germ of an idea.

PLD. Chair