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Bowling Green


The Bowling Green is said to one of the best in the area. There is a clubhouse including a kitchen and viewing area.  Recently there have been extensive renovations made to the green and facilities.

At present, the green is leased out to a private concern and the Parish Council have no control over it’s use or it’s availability for hiring. They are always willing to hear from new players. The green is normally available for hire at non match times but bowls cannot be provided.

At present there are four league team using the green for matches.  For up to date information on fixtures and availability, please contact the following:

Glyn Davis. Tel: 01709 366062 or 07957 578842

Darren Smith. Tel: 07866 314758

Facebook at


Indoor Bowling


A Short Mat Bowling facility is in place  and available for hire at the Memorial Hall. There are three mats which are in excellent condition, bowls and a scoring board. Please wear flat shoes.

The hall is currently being used for bowling on Tuesday evenings.

Contact. Alan Cutts      Tel: 07737 646286