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Many people assume the Council is ‘THE council’. In fact the residents of Catcliffe are represented by 2 councils. Each has their own identity and each has their individual responsibilities. Catcliffe Parish Council and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council do work closely together.

We are here to represent the views of local residents. Many of the issues raised however have to be tackled by R.M.B.C. Contact details can be found elsewhere on this site. We will of course assist where we can.


Parish Councils receive a precept from the Borough Council to manage various functions based on the size of the the council.  Main roles listed on the R.M.B.C. site include Allotments, Burial Grounds, Bus Shelters, Bye Laws, Conference Facilities, Community Centres, Crime Prevention, Arts, Highways, Litter, Recreation Grounds, Planning, Tourism, Traffic Calming, Transport, War Memorials. The size of our precept does not allow us to cope with most of those and we rely on the Borough Council to allocate the work to other departments. Neither do we have litigation authority to issue fines and other penalties.


The Borough Council is split into Wards. We are in Rother Vale which also includes Treeton and Waverley. Each ward has elected councillors who are a direct link to the Borough Council and work closely with parish councils and residents on any issues raised. Our ward has two such councillors.


Working as a parish councillor is a very rewarding job as you have direct links to residents and can understand their grievances and praises better than most and have some authority to resolve them. It is a voluntary role of course and it takes a strong person to cope with all the new rules and regulations, health and safety and risk assessments.  We are always on the look out for councillors who can improve our skill set and have the good of the community at heart.


In addition to councillors we have salaried staff, paid for out of the precept. We have a Clerk/Chief Financial Officer and 2 Caretakers. All 3 roles are part time. Their contact numbers are elsewhere on the site.