Parkway Improvements.

A630 Parkway Improvement Scheme – Vegetation clearance to the Eastbound verge (Rotherham Bound)

Dear Neighbour,

From the 10th January 2022, we will be clearing vegetation (outside of the bird nesting season) to allow the Eastbound works to progress on the A630 Parkway. These works will take no longer than two weeks to complete.

To protect the workforce and those travelling on the road, this work will require lanes of the A630 to be closed. Therefore, the work will have to take place overnight.

We will be working between Tinsley Bridge and Cross Roads Bridge, on the Eastbound verge towards Rotherham. Machinery will be used to remove and chip the foliage, which will inevitably create some noise, however this machinery will not be used after midnight. Any works taking place after midnight will utilise battery operated machinery to minimise disruption.

If you want to find out more about the construction work, or contact us about it, you can do this at This work is being carried out for Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council by Balfour Beatty, who can be reached on 0113 821 3400.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Hudson – Project Manager

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