About Us

The Parish Council comprises 9 elected councillors – volunteers drawn from the local area – and a salaried clerk. Councillors are elected every four years to represent the Parish. The chairman and vice-chairman are elected from among the current councillors.

The most recent election (scheduled for May 2021) was deferred until 2024 due to new procedures set in place by R.M.B.C.

There are two tiers of local government in the area:

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC).

Parish Council.

It can be difficult to know which tier of Council is responsible for what. For example R.M.B.C. is the local Planning Authority and makes all planning decisions whilst Catcliffe Parish Council has a consultative role. R.M.B.C. is also responsible for all highways matters (including upkeep) and street lighting.

Included in Catcliffe Parish Council’s responsibilities are:

  • The installation and upkeep of our play parks, maintenance of green spaces such as the recreational sports field and the provision of allotments.
  • Allocation of donations to local organisations and groups. (Please request a Grant Form from the Clerk if you wish to apply for a grant.)
  • Maintenance of notice boards.
  • Maintenance of the sports field and play parks.
  • Management and maintenance of amenity and common land.

Please see our newsletters and minutes to read our current objectives.